Monday, June 18, 2012

Windows 7 Tips How To Change Power Save Options

Do you ever wonder why your Windows 7 PC goes to sleep or screen turns off automatically?  This is controlled by power save options.  By default the PC manufacturer sets these options to save power.  It can be annoying for you when your laptop screen dims or cuts off after a few minutes inactivity.  The opposite could be true where your computer screen stays on all night even though nobody is using the computer.  Let's go over the easy steps to customize the power saving options to meet your needs. 

 First, click on the Start button Windows Icon on the desktop and type "power options" in the instant search box.
Then select Power Options with the icon of a power cord and battery image.
Next, Click on Change Plan Settings for the selected power plan.
Windows Power Options Change Plan Screen

The next screen shows power options for the display (screen).  You can set the amount of time before Windows turns off the display and when to put the computer to sleep.  Be sure to select the "save changes" button after making changes.

Now you know the basics of changing the power options on your Windows 7 PC.

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