Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pocket Flash Drive Saves the Day

My Handy Dandy Flash Drive

Gateway NV55C38u 15.6-Inch Laptop (Satin Black)Today I was out on a laptop hunting mission.  I got a call from a lady who wanted to sell her old Gateway laptop. There was only one thing wrong with it.  It was missing a the "O" key on the keyboard.  She couldn't log in anymore because of the missing key.  She had already purchased a new Acer laptop, so she didn't want to get it fixed.

NEW 4GB Attache Flash Drive (Flash Memory & Readers) I asked if she had any information she wanted to save before selling it.  She said she needed her family photos.  I asked if she had a back up drive, external hard drive, or flash drive or blank CD.  She didn't have anything, but fortunately I came prepared with my 2GB PNY thumb drive.  I offered to transfer her photos from the old laptop to the new one for her.  She happily agreed.  I popped the drive in a side USB port on the old laptop and navigated to the "My  Pictures" folder. I drag and dropped the folder on the the portable drive.  A few minutes later, it was done copying so I pulled out the flash drive and plugged it into her new laptop.  I dragged the folder of pictures to the "Pictures" folder.  Afterwards, she mentioned that she liked my thumb drive.  I offered to sell her mine and she said yes. I had recently bought a new 4GB flash memory drive.  I unplugged collected the laptop power adapter and I was on my way.

Now, I'm home and its time to work on this keyboard with the missing key.  Fortunately, its only one missing key, so I pulled one off another laptop used for parts.  Fixed in five seconds, I was back in business!

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