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How To Fix Blue Screen of Death

BSOD windows blue screen of death
Blue Screen Error
How To Fix Windows Blue Screen Error

The blue screen error makes it hard to get anything done. You may have seen it before.  The screen goes blue with white words that say "error" and some reference numbers.  Now you can't do anything with your computer.  This is so frustrating and counter productive. Let's explore causes of the blue screen error and how to fix blue screen errors.

Causes of the Windows Blue Screen of Death

Several possible causes exist for the blue screen stop error.  Registry errors are important system files that have become corrupt or missing in the core programming code of your Windows operating system. Computer virus infections, improperly installed/uninstalled programs and updates, even regular use of your computer can cause registry errors. 
Another primary cause of the Blue Screen Error is hardware issues.  This means devices such as USB devices, memory, video cards, bluetooth devices, are incompatible with your system.   Missing or incorrect device drivers can cause the blue screen error.  This is why its important to have a professional upgrade your computer components.  Even external plugged in devices such as speakers, or printer drivers can cause your system to lock up.

Fixing Blue Screen Errors

First, make sure your computer is clean from viruses.  You can start by updating your anti-virus program and running a full scan on all of your hard drives.  This is best completed in Safe Mode.

Next, do a system restore.  A system restore takes your computer back in time to a date before you started getting the blue screen errors. To reduce the risk of getting a blue screen error while taking the needed steps, you should start in Safe Mode.

Restart your computer, pressing F8 key as it boots up. If Windows begins normal start up, you will have to power off and try again.
Next, you see a black and white words list with Safe Mode listed. Use your arrow keys to select Safe Mode, then press Enter.
    Go to Start
    In the search box type in “restore
    Select the System Restore option.
    Of the choices, you want to choose another restore point.  Look over the available restore points and choose a restore point date before you started getting the blue screen error.
    Click the Next button
    Click the Finish button

Any programs you installed between now and the date selected may have to be reinstalled.

Preventative Measures

Prevent registry errors by regular use of a registry cleaner. Registry cleaners are programs designed to scan for and then fix registry errors. With regular use, registry errors can be a thing of the past.  Be sure to download correct drivers before installing new hardware.  Enable the System Restore feature and create restore points before making changes to the computer system.

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